Digital Signage

From media players that play video, to advanced systems scheduled over the network
We supply a wide range of digital signage products, from low resolution, stand-alone media players to the top-of-the-line, network managed systems. Our digital signage products include hardware, software, content management and design services. They include all-in-one signage player and LCD display systems.

Systems range from those with simple linear looping programmes to those with scheduled content over networks. Interactive systems can be controlled by a touchscreen, proximity sensor, RFID tag, cell phone or barcode reader.

We know which digital signage products will be best suited for any business communication need. It may be for communicating with public, customers, staff or students. Our range of content design, authoring, scheduling and delivery systems goes from simple to very sophisticated, needing considerable training to master. We are an independent supplier and have a range of brands of digital signage hardware and software.

They include:

Digital View – media players to network systems
NEC – commercial LCD displays & projectors
Wallflower – Windows scheduling software
Sharp – commercial LCD displays & projectors
HP – slimline PC and commercial LCD
IEI – tiny industrial PC