Virtual Reality Cinema

VR Cinema Australian Museum Sydney

Tell stories at your place in a new immersive way with a VR cinema. This is a system that allows a group of people to see an immersive VR video at the same time on headsets in a small cinema type space on your premises. Really great to create a WOW factor, to enable people to see high quality 180 degree or 360 degree videos in a public environment. Guide viewers to what you want to have them look at with audio effects, sound is coming from a particular direction will cause most the audience to turn to see what was happening at the noise location.

A small VR cinema for 6-10 visitors can be set up in a showroom, museum, tourist site or a tradeshow stand and managed by one person.

Will VR cinema become more important than 3D cinema was? Time will tell, but so far people love the experience of seeing stories in a very new way with high quality 3D audio.

With a VR cinema a projection screen or large LCD display can be used first to introduce the VR experience and how to get the most out of it with the headsets and headphones.

Let Deep Creek Digital set up your VR cinema, to offer your visitors and experience at your place like no other they have had before.

See our page on production of VR 180 degree and 360 degree video content