VideoTouch Application

For Windows 7/8 systems

VideoTouch attract loop playing at Click Digital Expo

These days you definitely need to be more interactive with your audience, whether it’s a one-on-one pitch or a presentation to a large gathering to a trade show stand. With the wide range of all in one touch systems and tablets now available, we have made it easy with our new Video Touch app to have your key videos on display.

Kiosk enclosures, stands and mounts mean apps are safe to operate in any public space. All you need is a suitable app to allow your visitors to see your video clips.

While generic apps, to which you simply add content, are a low-cost solution, a customised app like VideoTouch offers a more professional look, with your exclusive branding, and will enable you to stand out from the competition and offer functionality and flexibility to suit your various business needs.

Our VideoTouch app includes a slide show attract loop to grab attention and timeout return to the main screen.

Simple Content System To Add Videos

VideoTouch Menu

VideoTouch Menu Example

For updating of content, VideoTouch works on a simple system where you load files into the main folder and edit an xml file with a text editor to update the content. No server is required. Best with Firefox web browser

Touch PC systems can be connected to larger screens and audio systems, TV and projection. This kind of jukebox effect means many people can see what the touch display operator is viewing.