Video Production

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We harness the power of a carefully scripted emotional message to connect your customers and have been producing corporate and exhibition videos for many years which inspire viewers with delivery of information and stories that engage through the use of motion pictures, relevant still images, animation, visual effects, presenting to camera, narration, music and sound effects for impact. We understand the use of ultra-wide screen video to grab attention in this visually overloaded world.

Reasons for a video production by Deep Creek Digital:

Ultra-wide Video, for Balranald Heritage Centre

Showcase Your Business or Service

A corporate video clip is a creative modern way to showcase your business, products and services for your website, a trade show stand, a visitors centre or an exhibition. Consider a corporate video with a summary of the most important information on your website for visitors to quickly understand what your business or specialised subject is about.

A video clip may average 6 minutes to ensure people’s attention is captured upfront with options of several clips for more information.

Describe Complex Material in a Simple Way

Graphics designed by Deep Creek Digital for Ultra-wide screen Clip

Visitors to cultural or tourist sites want stories interpreted in a way that breaks down complex topics about places, history and objects into easily understood simple narratives. Suitable animation and graphics can make even the most complex science and information engaging.

Assist Digital Marketing

Having a corporate video on YouTube or Vimeo improves your website digital marketing with better results on search engines including Google. Investing in a corporate video gets more traffic to your website increasing your sales and gaining you clients and customers.

Easy to Share

Videos are very easy to share whether you are posting on social media or your website. Viewers who love your story and want to share with others can immediately copy and paste your video link onto their personal social media sites and websites – a bonus as this is free advertising! This is the easiest way to generate traffic back to your website and your business; with the accessibility of video it makes it easy for people to share and you could be reaching millions of people worldwide.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Google Earth Fly in Clip for Museum Exhibtion

A video helps your business stand out from the crowd. Often, businesses get too bogged down on getting the right information on the website and include too much text and information that viewers find distracting and unappealing. With a corporate video you have the chance to put your unique stamp on it and really impress and wow your viewers.

Updating your business or exhibition videos is also important to keep with the times and increase your potential customers and sales. Consider a new ultra-wide screen look, reminiscent of the giant Cinerama Hollywood productions. Many projectors and a range of video walls can offer an ultra wide style that is very eye catching. There are now double width 39” desktop LCD displays coming on the market at a very glow price.

If your corporate video is 5 years or more old, then perhaps it’s time to update and spice it up to reach new customers – if people like your video they will trust your services and share your video with their social circle.

We produce video clips for fly ins to any location with Google Earth images. These can be very spectacular when the landscape has hills or mountains. A great way for visitors to get perspective of your place.

Standby; Rolling …. and Action!

Don’t delay that all-important video production. Contact us now.