Ultra-wide Video Displays

Two LCD Displays Side By Side Form An Ultra-Wide Screen

Two LCD Displays Side By Side Form An Ultra-Wide Screen

By making your video screen an unusual very wide width, you can fit more in every shot and scene and make it more engaging. More screen size in front of visitor’s eyes mean less distracting things for them to look at.

We offer simple ultra-wide screens from as little as two LCD displays side by side. The tech to operate such displays as one ultra wide display is not hard to set up nor is the equipment expensive with the new modem dual head video splitters.

Of course your ultra-wide screen can be a lot wider than two LCD displays, where there is room you can have up to four displays side by side in a single row. The width constraint is video clip width, widest that can be easily produced is 8000 pixels wide. This is about the width of four high definition displays side by side.

With LCD video tiles from Christie and Samsung, ultra-wide video displays can be put together. See info on the Christie LED tiles..

Projection screens can be set at a range of very wide screen sizes, some like the old Hollywood cinemascope width with a ratio 2.76:1. Some of the most famous films in history were shown in this ratio.