Thru-Glass Touch Window

Through-Glass touch windows

We have two suppliers for touch systems that work through glass windows. One thing they have in common, is there is nothing on the outside of the window. All the technology is on the glass inside. Nothing to break outside!

Through Glass Touch Sensor System – (Touch Glass)

Touch-glass sensor - buttons on bottom

Touch-glass sensor – buttons on bottom

The low cost way to make any shop window interactive 24/7

The Touch-Glass system allows touchscreen type control through glass windows on retail and other outlets.

Touch The Most Versatile System
Touch-Glass has the function of a touch screen but its functionality opens up a wide spectrum of possibilities and applications.

Touch-Glass is a computer interface or device that controls up to 16 sensors. These are attached on the surface of any non-conductive material (glass, wood, plastic and stone). Upon the detection of touch on the opposite side of your material a code is sent to the control unit, similar to a left mouse click.

Versatility And Independence
Touch-Glass is not integrated into any monitor or display device, rather it is independent of them. Sensitivity to touch can be placed on any non-conductive material, detecting the keystroke in thicknesses greater than 4 cm., (Depending on the material).

Touch-glass demo at Click Digital Expo

Touch-glass demo at Click Digital Expo

Touch-Glass is very economical. Unlike other touch systems, the price for Touch-Glass hardly changes as the size gets bigger. This is because all that is needed for larger windows is longer cables and a larger wiring loom.

Through Glass Window Touch Sensor App

We have developed our own Touch-glass app for Windows. This web based app features simple commands that allow visitors to control content on a display: Up, Down, Enter and Home. Graphics and text like in any web page are easily added. Video clips can play as long as they work in Firefox web browser.

Visual Planet Touch FoilVisual Planet touch foil with rear projection system

Thru-Glass Touchscreens

Stick it and touch it. Interactive foil for through-window touch applications.

Looking to take advantage of the expanding market for shopfront ‘through-window’ touchscreen applications? Want an exciting new interactive exhibit in your museum or tourist site?

Visual Planet interactive foil has been designed for you.
This lightweight touch foil can be applied directly to a window or a glass sheet. A rear-projection screen or an LCD monitor can be mounted behind the touch foil to create a through-window or glass touch experience.
There are no external components required with Visual Planet interactive foil, so the installation is completely safe behind the window.

Through glass touch foil

Through glass touch foil

• Interactive foil is lightweight and easy to apply to a window, glass, acrylic and rear projection screens and any other non-metallic material
• No external wires or devices are required as all touchscreen components are situated safely behind the glass
• Interactivity works even with gloved hand
• Viewing is not affected by external light conditions. Can work with auto light adjusting LCD screens
• A wide range of screen sizes is available, up to 80 inch 4:3 or 100 inch 16:9 format
• Works with all existing multimedia applications: PowerPoint, Adobe Flash, websites etc.

Now Dual Touch is supported. The Zoom and Pinch function is available when the user touches the interactive screen with two fingers thus utilising the function of the centre mouse roller for Windows 7/8.