OurWorld 2D & 3D

Take them anywhere in the world on a touchscreen in a presentation – live!

From the globe to your backyard with a few taps on the screen

OurWorld 2D & 3D Application

Today’s leading mapping (2D) and earth view (3D) technology, Google Maps and Earth – was released in April 2010. We saw an opportunity to create a new App for use on touch displays in public spaces. We developed anew Geo application for the PC, “Our World 2D & 3D App” (Our World). Our World is designed to be used on a large touchscreen in trade-shows, museums, showrooms and by presenters at conferences and meetings.


• Switch at the touch of one button between 2D and 3D view of any location on the planet!
•  Navigate to places you are familiar with in Maps (2D) view, then switch to Earth (3D) to see the landscape.
•  Switch on terrain layer such as to see the land, hills, valleys, mountains.
•  Switch on buildings layer to see 3D buildings
•  Have graphics and pictures built into your view, anywhere
•  Use the simple touch navigation controller to go anywhere, with a few touches
•   Take tours to locations, with option of AV slide show to accompany.


From an information delivery view, let us design and produce custom made Google Earth tours in Our World. Tours enable you to fly in to any location in the world. Fly up and down mountain valleys, then stop for a spectacular 360 degree view. From a story-telling point of view, tours can include graphics, pictures, audio and even video, in fact anything that can appear on a web page. Pause a story to look around the land in 3D. Amaze your viewers with displays of the landscape never seen before.


Fly In Video Page

Our World is sold as part of a package of hardware & system. Includes a large commercial LCD touchscreen display, PC and stand or wall mount. Our World can be included in our ShowTouch App as an add on.

Package pricing depends on the type and size of the touchscreen and PC. Typically, a 40” or larger touchscreen is recommended; small buttons on controls do not suit big fingers. You can also plug the display into a data projector for all to see.

The standard Our World App comes with buttons for switching on and off 4 layers and 4 tours. Custom made layers and tours are produced on request.


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Our World 2D & 3D App is subject to Google Maps/Earth terms of service.