Omnitapps Composer and Player

omnitapps-official-reseller-1024x643 Omnitapps supplies a variety of multitouch software solutions for Windows interactive multimedia in public spaces. Omnitapps entirely eliminates the need for any programming — enabling more user-friendly workflows within any multi-touch environment. A configurator makes it even easier to create stunning custom graphical interfaces.
Omnitapps products are ideally suited for any location with touchscreens installed that requires the ability to communicate with users and customers in a highly intuitive and interactive manner. Omnitapps customers have installed compelling multi-touch screen applications in settings as diverse as retail shops and showrooms, education and training facilities, TV studios, fairs and conferences, hotel and hospital lobbies, museums and exhibitions, and real estate centres.

Museum touchscreen with Omnitapps ImageMatch game

These touchscreens are used for everything from generating traffic and attracting new customers to welcoming and directing visitors, communicating product information through digital brochures, entertainment and presentations, and training.

Omnitapps Composer is the software solution with which Omnitapps started and now have a range of products.

Omnitapps Composer

Omnitapps Composer is a touch software suite with various applications that offers you a unique way to present your products or services. A touch screen in combination with Omnitapps is a total solution. Omnitapps is fully customizable. Show your product photos, videos, brochures etc within a multitouch environment or put your products in the spotlight through one of the games.  This can be used for product presentations, entertainment, information kiosk, virtual brochure holder, data collector, lead generator etc.

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Omnitapps Composer is a full-featured multi-touch software package, which includes 18 applications. It can be customized to fit a wide range of professional applications, including multiple game templates and configuration forms. When combined with Omnitapps-driven displays, organizations are able to direct traffic directly to their location while captivating audiences with highly interactive content. Applications Composer include:




Multitouch Test


















Omnitapps Composer Museum Project

Omnitapps Player

With the Player app for Windows 7, 8 and 10, run interactive experiences created in Composer. Used to run one configuration on multiple Windows touchscreen systems. Features:

  • Runs Omnitapps4 Composer configurations.
  • Option to run Player without desktop mode.
  • Scheduler for closing automatically.

Deep Creek Digital can design Omnitapps Composer apps and configurations and supply Omnitapps Player licenses for your project. Saves the time and expense needed learning an advanced authoring system.

With Omnitapps Player, upload and edit media in apps with Windows Explorer. Save the need to use Composer for minor content updates. The user interface design cannot be changed in any app with Player, just some content.

Where to use

Omnitapps applications can be used at every location where people want to interact, experience, learn, collaborate, get in touch or have fun. Most of Omnitapps applications are Windows based because of the fact you have a wide variety of touch products which can be used indoor or outdoor, like touch tables, information kiosks, window touch, tablets, video wall touch screens and interactive whiteboards. Omnitapps interactive experience zones give a short overview of how customers use Omnitapps software and what you can do. Take me to the solution areas