Museum and Tourist Site Services

Museum and Tourist Site Services

We have many digital media services suitable for museums, galleries, aquariums, zoos and tourist sites.

We offer interpretative services to museums to tell stories in modern ways, both linear and interactive. Our experienced team can take your basic resources and turn them into dynamic attention catching AV and interactive exhibits. We do it all, from concept, scripting, design, production, equipment supply to installation of hardware. We understand what technology is best suited to tell stories with, in any museum situation.

With all the elements of your digital media exhibits from one supplier, our museum services mean it is easy for you to set up new exhibits.

Kelly Tarlton Exhibit


Multi-touch and Gestures

We design content for large format multi-touch touchscreens and touch windows. Multi-touch and gesture technology allows a whole new way to get information, to play games and to view museum exhibits. I a few short years multi-touch and gesture technology have become the major technology for delivery of story telling and information delivery in museums.

Museum 55″ Multitouch Display

Reactive Technology
We suppliy reactive technology for museums and tourist sites. With reactive technology, the visitor is the interface, as he moves in a building PIR sensors control audio, video and lighting displays. For example, in moving through an exhibit space, changing videos are played on walls, roofs and floors.

Products That Support Our Museum Services:

Custom Designed Audio Visual Interactive Displays

We design and supply all kinds of AV and interactive displays for museums. For Kelly Tarlton’s we designed and built two giant touchscreen exhibits.

For an eye-catching exhibit, consider a multiple screen experience with images on each screen in sync or playing independently. It could involve visitor control of the media through buttons, switches or touching certain objects.

Digital Audio Systems.
We supply the large range of audio exhibit systems from Gilderfluke. This includes; digital message recorders and repeaters, disctrete listening devices and passive or interactive audio systems.

Digital Signage Systems
A number of our digital signage products are suitable for museums and tourist site exhibits.

LCD Touchscreens:
We deliver a large range of LCD Touchsceens – in complete case, in chasis format and in sizes from 6.8″ to 21″.

Tiny PC Systems
Tiny PC systems power exhibits and save space. Tiny size means it suits use where space is tight.