LCD and Projection Displays

LCD/LED TV Displays

4k Ultra High Definition Video Wall

4k Ultra High Definition Video Wall

Ultra high definition (UHD) 4K displays are becoming dominant in the market. They are 3840 by 2160 pixels resolution. Great to view high quality images, consider these displays for slide shows. Still not a lot of video produced in this resolution but low cost UHD cameras are enabling more clips to be shot in this format. Use professional UHD panels where possible, they have better features over consumer grade product including better power supply components.

Curved displays are making real impact, can look stunning with right content. Great looking 34” ultra wide curved 21:9 displays. Several brands, a very low cost display with wow factor for a public space.

Video Walls

Super Thin Bezels. LCD Video walls are now with smaller thinner bezels, in fact so small that they are not very noticeable from a distance. UHD video walls with thin bezels can look absolutely stunning and from a distance can appear to be a projection screen.

Now easy to set up two thin bezel HD displays side by side to create a mini video wall. Even on a bench top, this makes a very dramatic looking screen.

Projection Displays

There is a lot to offer in the projection area now. 4K, Ultra high definition projectors are being released at attractive prices, enabling a cinema style screen in a way that was not possible on a small budget a couple of years ago. Lots of options with screens in terms of the brightness of the material, which means lower powered projectors. Curved projection screens are much more engaging with the audience, this is one reason why giant IMAX screens are curved.

Short throw projectors mean that any small space can have an image larger than that on a LCD screen at a much better price.

Several projectors can be used to create one ultra-wide image for very wide screens, especially 165 to 180 degree cinema. We supply Immersaview Blend and Warp software to make the picture perfect on curved screens.

LCD/LED/Projection Brands

Audio Visual LCD/LED panels (displays) we supply for business use are from brands including: Sharp, NEC, Samsung, Combox, Philips, Digit Professional, HP and Sony. We supply commercial LCDs that are designed for 24/7 use and some come with a 3-year warranty. They are designed for long-term use and have better components than domestic displays. Some have built in media players and others a built in PC.

We offer a wide range of resolution of displays with 4K ultra high definition displays becoming very common. Nowadays many LCD/LED panels have very thin bezels around the edges and are designed to fit together into video walls.

Our projectors are from several brands including BenQ and Sony.