Interactive Multimedia

The benefits of having an interactive multimedia project for giving better experiences to your visitors are substantial.

Our Need for Water – Museum exhibit

They include:

  • Communicate more effectively by allowing users immediate access to material
  • Let people get stories and information with a combination of audio, visual and interactivity.
  • Most people expect interactive media at public events/public places now days and they often do not want to use their mobiles, large multitouch displays are preferred.
  • Save money over print and other media costs.
  • Create a modern image for your business.

Deep Creek Digital has had many years of designing and producing a large range of interactive multimedia projects, for use offline on stand alone PCs, online over the Internet, for mobile apps and on a range of professional electronic systems.

Multimedia Design

5 Rivers Interactive – Image Browser – Heritage Centre

Our projects are well designed, effective, value for money solutions that bridge the gap between design and technology. Our expertise covers graphical, functional, technical, navigational and interface design. We have had several years experience in the multimedia design field.

Digital Production Services

We offer an extensive range of multimedia design and production services for a wide range of hardware and software systems. Since our beginning, we have concentrated on development of projects using the best technology available at the time.

We create interactive content that integrates video clips, photo-quality images, audio, animation, 3D models, text and database content. The final product is then deployed on kiosks, in museum, gallery and library exhibits business or government premises. We are platform neutral; we work with the best multimedia technologies to get your message out.

Puzzle Game – Art Gallery

Exhibits for trade shows, museums and tourist attractions


Entertain and educated your visitors with interactive games onsite. Children in particular really like large format multimedia games. We create games with the Omnitapps Composer system. It includes Image Match, Puzzle, Memory and Quiz games