Infinitus Outdoors LCD Displays

Outdoor, All Weather Sunlight Readable LCD Displays

iMotion super high bright displays, semi or full outdoors, designed to be seen 24/7. Come in interactive or non-interactive versions.

iMotion 65" double sided

iMotion 65″ double sided

Regardless of weather conditions or amount of light, an intelligent ambient light control system ensures that images on screen are always optimally adjusted for viewing. Smart cooling system ensures that the LCD operates at an optimum temperature to give the best performance.

Includes built in PC and many options. Optional touch-screen. iMotion products come with ControlMotion – it is a maintenance software which enables remote control and supervision of the iMotion system.

Sizes: 32”, 46”, 55”, 65”, 72”, single or double sided. See more info on the Infinitus Outdoors site

Thermal Management Systems

Normally competitors use ”upgraded” indoor solutions and sell them as full outdoor. This type of systems only use cooling with fans, which in most cases is not sufficient for heat coming from the outside environment as well as heat generated from the integrated electronics. This means that integrated elements do not have the optimal environment which results in higher possibilities of some kind of failures as well as bad performance (most shown in lower output of brightness resulting in lower visibility).

imotion HELP outdoor LCD

imotion HELP outdoor LCD

With thermal cooling, temperatures will rise in the system to highest levels, and probably they do not have “limited operation” above 50C, which is warranty void temp of LCD manufactures. So they are “risking” from this perspective. In any case, system will work in most cases, but their lifetime could really not be expected too long. In 5 years, with accelerated degradation due to temperature fluctuation and high temperatures, it will degrade faster… use more power than stated in tech specs, and will probably be nothing similar to how it looks like right now – less bright, worse visibility of the content.

The Most Secure Long Term Investment For Outdoor LCD Displays

With iMotion units, you will get the quality, stability and constant control of the unit, as well as lower Total Cost Of Ownership ( lower maintenance and repair costs ) then any other unit! We back up our belief in our products with (industry superior) 3 year warranty which can be extended to 5 years.

Download a pdf brochure Quick Guide for large format outdoor LCD systems