ExhibiTouch Application

Application for touch display systems in public spaces

Our ExhibiTouch app offers public touchscreen information in a way that is interactive and intuitive. ExhibiTouch is an exclusive app and content system, designed for use on touch displays in public spaces, in locations where people are seeking more details about products and services.

Exhibitouch example screen capture

Exhibitouch example screen capture

Your customers and clients now expect digital media at their fingertips. Many are carrying smart phones. They have had over ten years of instant information gathering, thanks to Google at work, home and school. Now they also want instant information when they’re out and about, and that can work to your competitive advantage. Your visitors are ready, are you?


Interactive Information Delivery and Story Telling

ExhibiTouch allows for interactive information delivery and story telling and in an enhanced, intuitive manner. The visitor or customer can easily browse through different menu categories to find the information they seek. Products and services are displayed in a text link interface. Touch any link for further information and see detailed views of product content.

Content Management System

ExhibiTouch comes with its own web-based content management system (CMS), which allows you to add images, video clips and text from a browser interface. The CMS also allows control of the main page content making it easy to add or delete new categories.

Exhbitouch app on kiosk at Click Digital Expo

Exhbitouch app on kiosk at Click Digital Expo

How it Works

The concept is very simple. With ExhibiTouch CMS you can create up to 10 categories of goods and services for your home screen. Add in your name and logo. Then add in a picture or slide show or even a video clip. Once a category is selected, the information screen comes up. Fields include the product name with room for a subtitle, a text field for description and a graphical area for a still picture, slide show pictures or a video clip regarding the product. A variable time-out for a period of no touches brings up an attract loop slide show or video.

ExhibiTouch App is designed to work on Windows 7/8 PC systems. It is set to work from a local server offline, for at trade-shows, online net access cannot be relied upon. Administration access is required to install the components of the CMS system including the local web server. The CMS is based on the WordPress web content system. We offer full training and support.

Use Exhibitouch at:
• Airports
• Banks
• Event locations
• Government offices
• Museums and galleries
• Reception areas
• Retail stores
• Showrooms
• Tradeshow premises
• Universities