Digital Signage Introduction

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Digital sifgnage display Volvo Ocean Centre

Digital signage display Volvo Ocean Centre

We supply complete end-to-end public display digital signage services including system design, hardware, network & IP technology, content creation, installation, training and service. We combine the best of television (TV) and Internet technologies to deliver low cost communication systems.

Digital signage is also known as: electronic billboards, electronic display networks, electronic signage, digital media networks, retail media networks, out of home media networks and in-store advertising. It is being driven by low cost media servers and players plus network connectivity.

We supply many products and services including hardware and software systems for delivery of digital signage (electronic signage including out of home advertising) in public places such as aquariums, airports retail stores, hotels, transport terminals etc. Digital signage can be interactive.

Content Creation
We create custom apps for digital signage systems and are also a re-seller for apps from other suppliers. We design the screen layout for digital signs and produce the graphics, animation and video content. Content can include  Flash animation and video, which suits signs over IP networks where it is expensive to transfer large video files.