Digital Signage Indoors

Digital Signage Indoors


We supply several services including hardware and software systems for delivery of digital signage (electronic signage or out of home advertising) in public places such as retail stores, hotels, transport terminals etc.

  • Planning
  • System Set up
  • Content Creation
  • Hardware
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Support

Nowadays the choice for setting up a public place digital sign or system is very large. Systems can be divided into those that can updated over a network and those that need to be updated by hand, e.g. a new DVD or compact flash card.

Systems that can be updated over a network can be broken down to those systems on a local network and those updated over the Internet.

Local network systems are usually based on standard Ethernet networks. We support network systems operated with a server PC and player PC; a server PC and tiny Media player box and a server PC with the Philips streaming media player system.

Airport DisplayOften the system is designed to allow for the operator to update digital signs from a remote PC on the network. An important issue if using this type of set-up, is to ensure that the content creation and updating work is not seen on the displays in the public places. It is better to keep the old content operating whilst the new content is being prepared. An alternative is to turn off the public display whilst completing the update work.

Local network systems can operate on wireless communications. This is appropriate when the cost of cabling Cat 5 Ethernet cable to the site of the sign is difficult because of building issues.

When operating a signage system over the Internet, one needs to take into account the communication problems that can be caused due to the nature of the net. Often the network is not robust enough to support high quality streaming video; rather there are periods of stop start when file transfer is not fast enough. For this reason, we do not support streaming video over the Internet; rather we rely on systems that ensure files completely downloaded are served locally before being used.

With the recent large drop in pricing for plasma and large 30″ and 40″ LCD TV displays, digital signage is within reach for nearly any business or organization. Combine with the new range of tiny PC’s and a wireless card, you can have an “All in One” system that attaches to the rear of the display and you only need one wire, power in!

PowerPac Digital 2.1 is an ideal content management system for local and Internet based digital signage networks.

For small-scale operations, digital signage systems that can be updated by hand are often suitable. Simply create your new content on a DVD or compact flash card and set up in the media player. These systems are generally low cost. They are quite suitable where content does not change very often, such as a tourism promotional video or in-store product demo video.