Digital Reception

I’ve Arrived

Deep Creek Digital has developed I’ve Arrived, which is an integrated reception communications solution for business and visitors alike and ideal for unmanned or very busy reception areas. I’ve Arrived enables visitors to quickly and simply contact the person they are visiting without waiting for a receptionist to assist.

I’ve Arrived – Digital Reception Kiosk

The I’ve Arrived system caters for a stand- alone business or multiple businesses in shared premises. I’ve Arrived kiosk sits on a bench top or desk. It has a 21.5 inch capacitive touch display and telephone handset attached to an all metal kiosk with an armoured cable. It operates using an i5 NUC PC, Windows 8 software and powered speakers.

Two additional apps are available as optional extras to compliment the I’ve Arrived digital reception experience:

Sign in on arrival and Sign out on departure – on the touch display customised fields are set up on the form to be completed by the visitor.

Info allows visitors to peruse information about the business they are visiting through browsing media including images, pdf documents and video clips while waiting for the person called to meet them at reception.

The apps are part of the Omnitapps Digital Reception suite. Deep Creek Digital is a registered re-seller of Omnitapps.  The apps come with with  a simple easy-to-use content system. If business details change, it is simple to update the information on a spreadsheet – no programming required.

DCD offer a VoIP communications service for the I’ve Arrived system at a low monthly fee which includes all local and national mobile calls.

We have many options to ensure the design, look and style of I’ve Arrived hardware and software suits your business – contact us to discuss a solution.