Our consulting services are designed to offer creative digital media in the real world solutions and save you money on your projects by going about them in a planned, controlled manner.

We have had many years experience consulting about a variety of digital media communication issues.

Areas include:

  • Digital media communication systems at your place
  •             Which one suits your communication need?
  •             Why multi-touch displays?
  • Production of multimedia appsWebTouch operating 40" touchscreen
  •             What sort of app works in what circumstance?
  •             How to project manage
  • Media database development
  •             Which systems work together?
  • Digital signage systems
  •             What suits for local networks?
  •             What suits for remote networks?
  •             Wireless Communications
  • Self serve kiosk system set up
  •             Selection of hardware
  •             Selection of operating system
  •             Content creation
  •             Ongoing management
  • Museum & tourist attraction digital media
  •             Design of visitor attractions and exhibits
  • Interpretation services
  • Ultra wide video production formats
  • Circular cinema and theatrette options
  • 180/360 degree video production
  • Gamification for museums, galleries and showrooms