ConcieR™ is an eco innovation platform that replaces paper brochures and forms. It offers engaging visitor experiences with touchscreen kiosks and concierge staff devices. ConcieR offers the convenience of self-service and connects the physical world to digital via the cloud.

After viewing curated local information, it takes just three steps to email file links to yourself using the onscreen keyboard.

Get Local Information Right Here Right Now

Conferences: News, maps, speaker presentations, discounted offers
Trade Shows: Exhibitor flyers, video clips, maps
Event Centres: Schedule, wayfinder, exhibitor flyers, transport info
Showrooms: Product brochures, video clips
Museums/Galleries: Exhibit interpretation and information
Real Estate Agents: Property information
Local Government: Resident information, building permits/plans
Travel Shops: Destination brochures, video clips
City Festivals: Attraction brochures, what’s on, maps
Theme Parks, Large Tourist Sites: Attraction brochures, what’s on, maps

ConcieR is used by business and government for delivery of information to staff, such as allowing quick access to rosters whilst onsite from a touchscreen display. Ideal for hospitals, emergency crew, mines, hospitality, tourist sites, airlines, military and police.

Replacements for paper brochures are in PDF format which means content can include text, graphics, video and links to web, media streaming and online shopping sites. Great features for people on the move, for example, at an event, curated information in a PDF document gives context to music tracks linked in the document with a background on the musician and other information.


Another feature allows visitors to browse information, then order and pay for goods and services from links in a PDF maybe at a café after leaving your premises. No need to use a variety of apps and/or search web sites.

ConcieR is ideal for visitor information centres and showrooms. ConcieR avoids carrying around hard copies and saves printing costs. It also:
• Saves paper waste – reducing landfill litter.
• Saves labour costs with self-service by visitors
• Offers the convenience that people want
• Has a very simple content system to add media
• Makes it easy to offer date specific info.
• Allows collection of an email database
• User interface designed to suit
• Has analytics on use

ConcieR has a very simple to operate content system – new files can be uploaded to the cloud via the web and added to the host with a Windows network or USB stick. We supply full training.

Buy App Outright or Software as a Service

Purchase our Windows app outright for one fee. Limited support and no updates. Or hire as a Software as a Service on a monthly license fee for our app on your premises and your files stored in the Cloud. Ongoing support and updates included.

 You can supply your own touchscreen display/kiosk/interactive table Windows 7, 8 or 10 PC system or purchase one from us. We offer lots of options and including  leasing systems. Floor mounted self service kiosks are ideal for ConcieR.  It will run fine on a small tablet such as a Microsoft Surface 10″ for  staff member, concierge or volunteer to interact with visitors.

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