Self Service Kiosk components

We supply a range of kiosk components, both hardware and software. This includes:

Elo 1537L - Rear Mount

  • Touchscreens and touch monitors A range of touchscreens for kiosks including Elo factory made and other touchscreens.
  • Tiny PC systems designed to fit in the small space found in kiosk enclosures
  • Magnetic stripe readers
  • Bar code readers
  • Wireless components
  • Proximity detectors and software for start up of show on visitor walking by
  • Kiosk remote monitoring systems
  • Public access software
  • Displays, LCD, LED and plasma
  • Virtual keyboards
  • Site blocking software

Some of our software apps are suitable for use in kiosks:

  • WebTouch allows any website to be used in a public space on a kiosk
  • TouchTerminal, our system for displaying database information on touchscreen systems