Commbox Multitouch Tables and Displays

Commbox multitouch tables short and tall

Commbox multitouch tables short and tall

Designed to grace even the most modern premises, CommBox Interactive Tables are redefining the boundary between designer furniture and interactive technology. In short and tall heights with capacitive multi-touch technology, access to digital information has never been so easy.

For Use in Public Spaces

Airports, aquariums, bars, classrooms, galleries, hospitals, libraries, museums, offices, showrooms, tourist sites, universities and zoos.

Welcome to the Modern Workspace…

With the Interactive Table multiple people can collaborate and share ideas at the same time on an infinite electronic canvas. Make every meeting more engaging and productive with capacitive touch for up to 10 fingers. When you’re done, print and share your progress at the touch of a button.

Stylish Design

Featuring a modern iconic design, the Interactive Table will enhance even the most stylish interior space. With flowing curves and mood lighting, along with premium materials and finishes, the Interactive Table will impress even your most discerning clients. The tall table has space for users to place a mobile, tablet or laptop.

Attention to Detail

CommBox see the beauty in the finer details. Their tables are quick and easy to assemble and install, with a large hinged and lockable access door on the base. Combining a removable PC mounting plate and expertly designed cable management, the table looks great inside and out. Featuring a robust design and splash proof top for easy cleaning, the tables are designed for public spaces.


Commbox Pro Plus 55″ 4K touch display

CommBox Interactive ProPlus 55 Display

Endless Possibilities

The bezel-free edge-to-edge glass design, with a water and dust resistant surface, enables the ProPlus touchscreens to be utilised for presentation, digital signage, or table-based applications. Ideal for classroom, kiosk or public spaces.

Exceptional Design

The ProPlus features a bezel-free design with edge-to-edge, toughened glass. Ultra-slim and lightweight the 4K display offers superior visual performance.