Cinema and Theatrette

A small cinema or theatrette can be a rewarding way to entertain or inform your visitors. Show them your story in a unique way that they cannot see elsewhere, something important in this age of Youtube. Visitors love big screens, (think IMAX) especially unusually wide or curved screens.

Semi Circular Cinema Balranald Heritage Centre

Semi Circular Cinema Balranald Heritage Centre

Wide Screen Options

  • 2.4:1 cinemascope  screen – very spectacular on an ultra high definition LCD or projector screen.
  • Double high definition width displays, with HD height, on 2 HD LCD displays
  • 165 – 180 Degree Immersive Cinema. Can go as wide a 360 degrees with a circular screen but visitors find it hard to turn around to see all the image. For 360 video, try a VR cinema instead.
    A small semi circular cinema from 3.5 metres in diameter can be easily set up, even in a pop-up theatre. Prime viewing angles of 165 degrees is great, as most people cannot see a 180-degree image without moving their head. However a 180-degree cinema is good, especially for a small group of visitors for a short presentation.

Panoramic Images Theatrette

If you have a series of panoramic stills you want to show to a small audience a Panoramic Images Theatrette may be suitable. With a very wide projection screen, run with 2 – 4 projectors, you can enable display of stunning still images in a way not seen by most before. Enable zoom features. Swipe from historic shots of a location to the view today. One visitor on a touchscreen kiosk can operate all.

Another way to present panoramic images in a theatrette is to offer virtual tour. With a panoramic tour system installed visitors can pan around giant images up to 360 degrees, swipe, zoom in, click an icon, see a new view and get information. Using very large Gigapixel images, is truly a way to impress visitors to your place.

It may be not hard for us to set up a small cinema or theatrette on your premises. There are many options with LCD/LED and projection displays, we have three categories that may be of use on your premises. Semicircular cinemas can be as small as 3.5 metres diameter with three projectors playing in synch.