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Maestro focused speaker at McCarthur Museum Brisbane

We can help to ensure your audio will be crystal clear even in the most challenging environments. Typical speakers may sound good in your home or office but when placed in a public space, they are not directional, so sound bleed and fluctuating ambient noise levels wreak havoc on your audio. Deliver focused or directional audio in any environment. The Maestro line is the result of a quest to create the ultimate directional audio solution.

Solutions for any environment
Every environment faces different audio challenges. From malls to museums. . . grocery stores to Major League sports venues . . . movie theatres to student unions, digital signage operators must balance their message against the background noise. The audio must be directional and not be intrusive, but still must be heard by the target audience which can range from 1 person to dozens.


Maestro SmartVolume Speaker

Installed on over 20,000 screens, this workhorse speaker is perfect for digital signage and multi-media displays in public environments. Your audio will never be too loud or soft with the built in Smart Volume. It’s like having a full time employee controlling the volume 24 hours a day. When the environment grows louder the volume automatically increases. When it gets quieter, the levels decrease. Directional audio has never sounded this good . . . until now.

S16 Focusing Maestro SmartVolume Speaker

Combines the standard Maestro technology with a tightly focused 16 speaker array, for superior directional audio. Allows for audio installation in more intimate settings like libraries and museums. Can be flushmounted.Maestro Louspeaker