Augmented Reality Virtual Reality

We are creators of augmented reality and virtual reality experiences.

Augmented reality (A/R) involves overlaying digital content on images on the real world and using a device or Smart Glasses to see a combined view. Users can still see the real world on their screen or hi tech glasses. The most popular augmented reality app is Pokemon Go, which achieved over 20 million users within a week of its release in the USA.

Virtual reality (VR) generally involves putting an enclosed headset and allowing one to see nothing much more than what is on the screen. Some types of virtual reality are very interactive, other types involve little more than watching a very wide screen video clip. The common types of clips are 180 degree or 360 degree video clips. We produce both 180 degree and 360 degree clips.

Mooloolaba Beach still shot from our 360 degree camera

Mooloolaba Beach still shot from our 360 degree camera

Often people say when they first use a VR headset, it is just amazing! It certainly is changing the nature of story telling, as people are immersed in the environment. VR’s got the power to transport users to another dimension. VR has been around for over 30 years but 2016 was the breakthrough year. VR is important enough to have made the cover of TIME. Palmer Luckey was founder of Oculus Rift – Facebook purchased Oculus Rift for a whopping $2B a couple of years after Palmer started Oculus up. What Facebook is planning with VR, was seen as science fiction just a few years ago. There already is a Facebook 360 channel to compliment the Youtube 360 degree channel. Clips from these channels can be viewed in many VR headsets. See our VR video Sunshine Coast Attractions” on the Youtube 360 channel here

Games are the biggest driver for VR. Location based experiences is a fast growing area for AR+VR Experiences.