Apps Product Range

Applications Product Range

We have been developing interactive media apps for use by the public in spaces such as trade shows, retail stores, museums and events for over 14 years. We have developed for new technology platforms as they have arrived on the market.

Nowadays apps for tablets and all-in-one touch PC’s are very popular. We develop apps for these systems as web apps, which mean that the app can operate across a number of devices. Non of our apps are operated with a keyboard and mouse, so even if a web browser is operating an app of ours, the user will never know. We take care to ensure that the user interface is designed for continual year in year out story–telling or delivery of information.

Over a period of time we have developed several apps for public spaces.  They include:


Omnitapps supplies a variety of multitouch software solutions. Omnitapps entirely eliminates the need for any programming — enabling more user-friendly workflows within any multi-touch environment. A configurator makes it even easier to create stunning custom graphical interfaces.

Omnitapps products are ideally suited for any location with touchscreens installed that requires the ability to communicate with users and customers in a highly intuitive and interactive manner. Omnitapps customers have installed compelling multi-touch screen applications in settings as diverse as retail shops and showrooms, education and training facilities, TV studios, fairs and conferences, hotel and hospital lobbies, museums and exhibitions, and real estate centres. Omnitapps Games application make it very easy to create image games like “Match” and “Media Puzzle”


These days you definitely need to be more interactive with your audience, whether it’s a one-on-one pitch or a presentation to a large gathering to a trade show stand. With the wide range of all in one touch systems and tablets now available, we have made it easy with our new Video Touch app to have your key videos on display.

View & Record App

This app attracts attention with images in a slide show or a video playing. PDF documents can be browsed. Viewers are given an option to record

their details using the virtual keyboard on the touch display. They may wish to have a link to a pdf sent to their email address. Or enter a prize draw on a trade show stand.

A key issue with the View and Record App is that is saves a huge amount of entering data after events into systems. And visitors can get fulfillment instantly with pdf’s available to them right away. Think of the saving on fancy paper brochures at trade shows.

Custom Made Software Apps

We also develop custom-made software for interpretation and telling stories, often times for touch systems for museums and tourist site exhibits. We also supply and develop software that controls exhibits; audio, video and lighting. For example, new types of exhibits in museums work on reactive media. A person walking by the exhibit triggers an audio track, video or changes in the lighting.

Our World In 2D & 3D App

Today’s leading mapping (2D) and earth view (3D) technology, Google Maps and Earth – was released in April 2010. We saw an opportunity to create a new App for use on touch displays in public spaces. We developed a world first Google application for the PC, “Our World 2D & 3D App” (Our World). Our World is designed to be used on a large touchscreen in trade-shows, museums, showrooms and by presenters at conferences and meetings.