Application Development

Application Development

We have been developing custom applications for public signage displays and audio exhibits for many years. Over that time we have learnt a lot about how to make well designed custom apps that work intuitively for visitors and yet are still low priced for you the customer. Let us know what you want and we may be able to assist, often based on apps we have already developed.

Fun Physics With Augmented Reality

As time goes by we are developing apps in new areas of technology. One big area for us at present is augmented reality (A/R) apps. We see great opportunities for A/R apps to be used in museums and other public institutions. By offering visitors devices that can read A/R markers, now museums can offer new ways to access information about their collections. Simply point your device at a marker and get info or a story in three possible ways:

  • With a graphic overlay
  • With an audio track
  • With a video clip
  • Or it could be a combination of all three.

Markers can be objects as well as any text label. This means that thousands of museum objects that do not have labels can have their story told in a new low cost manner.To put A/R markers in context of computer readable code, first there were bar codes, the next generation was QR codes and now the third generation is A/R markers.

Another area we are creating apps for is for holo displays. Holo displays in museums, galleries and showrooms bring the possibility of a huge “WOW” factor for visitors. People are often just amazed when they see a well-done holo display, as they can look amazing.