Wallflower digital signage software

Flexible and scalable

Whatever type of digital signage you require, Wallflower can deliver. Wallflower displays can be configured using any type of networking, LAN/WAN, VPN, the Internet, Satellite or the unique USB key/Internet hybrid. Wallflower can grow as your signage needs change. The same flexible functionality that is available on a 1000 screen network is also available for a single screen display.

Easy to use


A template design approach lets you create any layout and combination of media. Your media templates can be saved, copied and used for future dates. New content can simply be dragged into your templates and then targeted by location and time to play on any display, or group of displays, within your network. Wallflower displays all popular formats of still and moving images as well as Web Pages, RSS Feeds, live TV, IPTV or Video, live input from Spreadsheets and Databases, Flash files and much more.


Unlike other signage content managers, the Wallflower Scheduler is competitively priced. Wallflower software is used worldwide to deliver digital signage solutions for almost any requirement. Whether you need a simple easy to use single-screen installation or an international network of thousands of displays, Wallflower can deliver the most cost-effective, reliable and easiest to use solution.

Wallflower Scheduler

The Wallflower Scheduler can manage 1 single display or 1000s of networked displays. For smaller businesses, this now makes digital signage affordable and for larger business means there is a much faster ROI. When updating Scheduled content, Wallflower only updates the ‘changed’ content, therefore reducing update time and bandwidth.

The critical component to any digital signage system is the content and network manager. The Wallflower content manager, called The Wallflower Scheduler, is a Windows based application and allows you to Schedule and manage from 1 to 1000s of displays. Using a unique ‘Template’ approach any size of display can be formatted to show an unlimited combination of media.

Schedules can be built for delivery to groups or individual displays. Wallflower goes beyond a simple ‘play list’ system and allows Schedules to play at any time. Wallflower can handle the most complex and demanding Scheduling requirements. Developed by experts in Business Intelligence systems, Wallflower was designed in conjunction with users and ergonomic experts to provide a uniquely clean and intuitive desktop. Using the familiar ‘drag and drop’ approach

Templates and Schedules can be developed simply and quickly. Users can customise the desktop to their own preferred layout, drop in media from outside of the system and make Schedule changes within seconds. Wallflower keeps costs down and reduces the need for constant physical monitoring by alerting support staff only when necessary via email, SMS or cell phone.

When updating Scheduled content, Wallflower only updates the ‘changed’ content, therefore reducing update time and bandwidth. Wallflower security satisfies the most demanding requirements handling multiple groups of Administrators and Users. Wallflower security has been certified to meet the strict conditions of our gaming industry customers.

Wallflower can Schedule all Windows format images as well as Flash, RSS Feeds, Web pages, Videos including AVI, MPEG-1 to 4, QuickTime and WMV, TV and Video, IPTV, live input from Spreadsheets and Databases.

Wallflower DisplayQUIZ-QUESTION-blue-1000

Powerful enough to drive multiple screens
The Wallflower Scheduler sends the display content to industrial quality signage players or PCs running Wallflower Display. Running on Microsoft Windows platforms from 2000 onwards, Wallflower Display software can drive multiple display screens from one unit. Depending upon the specification of the player or PC and requirements of the media, Wallflower can display many completely independent Schedules of media simultaneously.

Types of Display – Touchscreens

Wallflower delivers content onto a wide range of display types. These range from small LCD monitors through large format Plasma varieties to include some of the world’s largest projection and LED Video walls. Wallflower works seamlessly with interactive display technology to provide touch screen functionality for kiosks and similar requirements. The Wallflower Display is extremely robust and works intelligently to continuously monitor display hardware for anomalies. The Wallflower Display Manager provides rapid intuitive installation and configuration

Wallflower Networking

LAN Option

Wallflower can connect any number of Displays using a Corporate or Dedicated LAN or subnet. Multiple Schedulers may be installed to allow many users to schedule content and manage displays. Wallflower can use fixed IP addresses or standard Windows Networking familiar to most technical staff. Schedules are stored in MS SQL Server Databases.

WAN and Internet Option

Wallflower Pony Express functionality uses an ftp site to store Schedules and Media. A specialty of Wallflower is Scheduling using Pony Express connected via cell phones. This provides a cable-free installation with minimum disruption to users’ networks. Displays then download either frequently or at off-peak times. The unique hybrid USB key option stores updated information on an ftp site. www.wallflowerglobal.com

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