Touch Window

We installed our first touch window with an automatic light adjusting system in October 2008. The thru glass system allows users to get information 24 hrs a day with a system that works in bright sunlight to moonlight. The system operates via a transparent touch film on the street front window’s interior, positioned in front of a high-bright 32inch LCD display. The display has a built-in light sensor, which adjusts screen brightness automatically, depending on the ambient light. The high-bright screen can be seen in full sunlight, which is a benefit, given the northerly facing aspect of the touch window.



We developed a new content app, TouchTerminal to allow our customer to update touch window and touchscreen content. TouchTerminal is an extension for the leading Internet content management system, Joomla. With TouchTerminal, users do not see a web interface, rather the screen looks like any museum interactive touchscreen exhibit or a touch screen in a public place, just content and buttons. It also features an Adobe “Flash” attract loop to get visitors attention.

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To see a touch window in action on Youtube video: