Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World

The installation of two, world-leading, interactive media exhibits for the new Stingray Bay area of Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctica Encounter and Underwater World was successfully completed by the New Zealand branch of Deep Creek Digital: The Complete Package Ltd

Stingray BayThe Stingray Bay Touchscreens are ten 12” touchscreen monitors that visitors to Kelly Tarlton’s use to find details of the rays and fish of Stingray Bay . Being interactive and touch controlled, the system makes finding out about such things as a ray’s habitat, characteristics and defense extremely easy.

This is the first time in New Zealand that such information about our marine life has been made available in a touchscreen format. For visitors wanting to get information about the New Zealand rays and selected fish found in the Stingray Bay exhibit, Kelly Tarlton’s now has the best interactive media exhibits in the country.



The Interactive Rays Touchscreens exhibit features two giant, back-lit panels with static images of the topside and underside of a short tailed stingray. By touching parts of a ray on a panel, details are displayed on an LCD display built into the exhibit. For example, if a visitor wants to know details of the ray’s barb, they simply touch that area on the giant illustration and then watch the details on the 32” LCD display.

At 2.0 two touchscreens are possibly the largest in the world. Although they are not conventional touchscreens with images changing on the screen, they control the images on the attached LCD displays. Designed and built in Auckland , the scale of the Stingray Bay exhibit is a technology breakthrough for touch-controlled media. They are an exciting new way of story telling.

Local touch technology developer, Next Window supplied all New Zealand made componentry to touch enable the screens. Also assisting on the project was enclosure manufacturer, Rodier Menu and Display Systems. Illustrator Stephen Ellis did a fantastic job and graphic design by Ryan Herbert was outstanding.