Museum & Tourist Site Introduction

On museum projects we often supply all the hardware and installation as well as programme design and production. Clients know they will get exhibits that work well when we are the complete supplier. We have supplied a variey of digital media exhibits to museums including audio and video exhibits that play upon a person approaching.

Beechwood Pop Up Touchscreen











For the Fish Finder exhibit at Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctica Encounter & Underwater World, innovative mounts were used with 12.1″ unobtrusive Elo touchscreens. The show was produced with Flash and has time out for the attract loop that can be easily changed.

The Two Rays touch panel exhibit was designed and produced with “Director”.

mclaren_mainFor The Bruce McLaren Museum, we produced an interactive touchscreen programme “Trio at the Top Interactive”. This is the story of three of New Zealand ’s greatest racing car drivers, Bruce McLaren, Denny Hulme and Chris Amon. It features broadcast video with a very useful video controller, with which the user can jump around the video sequence with one touch of the screen.






Waipu Museum Touchscreen Exhibit

At Waipu Museum we supplied a touchscreen programme telling the history of the original Scottish settlers to the area. We also supplied a video for
Pepper’s Ghost and set up a system for it to operate. Upon a visitor entering, a PIR sensor automatically starts playing this rather scary video. We also produced several sound exhibits and provided media players.