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  • From The Mountains To The Sea, USC Art Gallery
    From The Mountains To The Sea, USC Art Gallery

    Image puzzle on multitouch table

Interactive Table App and System

Mountains to the Sea – Sunshine Coast Regional Council

Mountains To The Sea Interactive Table USC Art Gallery

Deep Creek Digital produced Mountains to the Sea an interactive table app developed with Omnitapps Composer.

Touch Table App Media Browser

DCD supplied a Combox 32” interactive table and system for the app. Mountains to the Sea graphic design and content curation was completed by the cultural heritage team at Sunshine Coast Council.

Mountains to the Sea tells the story of the history of the Sunshine Coast with images and video clips showcasing the mountains, landscapes and seascapes. It also included a digital image puzzle game and an image match game which appealed to all ages.

The Mountains to the Sea exhibit was launched at the University of the Sunshine Coast art gallery for the 50th anniversary of the Sunshine Coast.




Greening of The Airport

Greening Of The Airport is the central theme of a new touchscreen installation by The Complete Package at Auckland Airport’s new terminal. The touchscreens enable inbound and outbound travellers to learn more about the many ‘green’ features of the terminal and the airport’s carbon mitigation strategy.

Each of the two 46-inch LCD touchscreens is a Sharp commercial display monitor with a Next Window touch frame.

Through text, photos and animated diagrams, the viewer receives on-demand information about the pier’s ‘green’ features, like the large photovoltaic array on the rooftop that generates power for the pier and the solar panels that heat water for the washrooms.



See a story about the “Greening of the Airport” here.


We have been producing interactive multimedia for many years with a variety of different media. Starting with CD-i projects in the 1990’s and then CD-ROM, web based projects we went on to producing DVD-Video. Interactive multimedia was supplied for kiosks in music stores with The Preview Machine. We also created content for self-service kiosks for use in trade shows.

Trust Bank Interactive Touchscreen

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