Content Creation Introduction

We have completed a wide range of content creation projects.  If they have something in common; they all use digital media and all tell a story, some in a linear manner, some interactive. We produce new media and multimedia for many types of uses.

Ultra Widescreen Video
Sunshine Coast – The Future is Here

Sunshine Coast, The Future Is Here playing in the Cave2 University of the Sunshine Coast


The team at Deep Creek Digital developed and produced this video clip for Sunshine Coast Regional Council and SunCentral, the new Maroochydore City.

The video clip featuring giant graphics, panoramic images and double HD width video sequences was made for the Visualisation Studio, Cave2 at the University of the Sunshine Coast. The video plays on a giant screen equivalent to 4 normal high definition screens side-by-side and is a total of 7360 pixels wide. Cave2 is one of the best curved screens in Australia featuring 20 columns by 4 rows of 46 inch displays around 270 degrees.

Kevin Wright produced and directed the project and shot some of the panoramic images and ultra-wide video clips. Special thanks to Thor Aerial Photography, graphic designer, CK Yew and editor Wilf Watson for their contributions.