26 Jun 2013
June 26, 2013

What We Do

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Interactive digital story-telling and multimedia in the physical world. We take today’s digital platforms and create attractive and engaging visitor experiences providing immediate access to information and stories.

 At Deep Creek Digital, we specialise in producing interactive digital experiences for places where people gather: museums, heritage sites, galleries, libraries visitor centres, aquariums, zoos, trade shows, tourist sites, conference venues, reception areas and at special events. These are the places where visitors expect to find the latest digital media; they enjoy viewing and interacting with content on new technology formats, from audio exhibits to large-format touchscreen displays. We create video content including ultra-wide screen and 180/360 degree virtual reality clips. We simplify complex information with access through intuitive user interface design.  We develop apps for many platforms, being platform nuetral, our interest is the best system to engage your visitors.

Tell us your story or give us a brief…

  • Time to attract and inform visitors with the latest digital display technology?
  • Does your new gallery exhibit require unique interactive interpretation
  • Like to offer touch-based way-finding and ‘What’s on’ details for visitors?
  • Ready for dynamic new ways to promote a product or service at a trade show or showroom?
  • Like to provide local tourist area info with interactive maps and fly-in videos?
  • Need ideas for a conference, major sporting event, music festival etc?

…and we’ll bring it to life!

  • With customised apps, offering interactive, intuitive content, on touchscreen, smartphone or tablet
  • On dynamic digital touch displays, wall, floor or bench mounted
  • Using multi-touch, on a touch table or giant video wall
  • With visitor-focused audio systems, indoors or outdoors
  • With thru-glass shopfront touch windows
  • Fun and educational games for large format multi-touch displays
  • Experiential multimedia, for cutting edge, wow factor experiences
  • With new technology, inluding augmented reality, virtual reality

View a video featuring some of our projects and products